Rye Turquoise Ring


Traditional Turquoise Tibetan Saddle Ring.
Enveloped in Sterling Silver, the Tibetan Saddle Ring is a tribal artefact.
A contemporary ring that has been hand crafted in Nepal.
So named because it is crafted to represent the Yak Saddle.

Yak are herd animals and are a treasured possession in Tibetan Culture.
They are often treated as valued family members and provide transportation, wool, milk, butter and meat.
Yak are said to be extremely beautiful and very affectionate creatures who endear themselves to their keepers.
Tibetan Art often includes shapes associated with the Yak to express appreciation and to celebrate the prosperity they help to bring.
This ring is made with fair Trade awareness.
Currently available in size S.
Other sizes by request.

  • Tibetan Turquoise Jewellery
  • Sterling Sliver
  • Size S
  • Hand Crafted in Nepal
  • Represents Yak Saddle - prosperity
  • Made with Fair Trade item
Rye Turquoise Ring

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