Prayer flag


String of Tibetan Prayer Flags.

Our cotton prayer flags are printed by Tibetan people living as refugees in Nepal.
Printers chant continuously for the wellbeing of the universe as they individually block print each flag by hand.
Each set comprises a number of flags in red, blue, white, green, yellow printed with Wind Horse prayer.

Prayer flags can be hung anywhere you choose.
Traditionally they are hung up high outdoors in a clear and clear place.
This is so the elements will catch the prayers and carry them quickly out to the universe.

  • Made by Tibetan Refugees in Nepal
  • Individually block printed on cotton
  • Positive Vibrations to the universe

Small size is 1m long with 10 flags $6.00
Medium is 1.5 - 2m long with 10 flags $10.00
Large is over 10m long with heaps of flags! $25.00

Prayer flag

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