Hand Knitted Wool Hoodie

$140.00 On sale

In this Hand Knitted Wool Hoodie you will be cosy as the instant you put it on and zip all the way up to your chiny chin chin.  

One of my Bro's keeps this hoodie in the car for when he goes surfing. 'Out of the water & on with the hoodie. Warm as toast.' FYI he's had his 8 years. I asked 'how do you wash it?' He gave me a strange look and said, 'Wash it?'

FYI - Hand wash in warm water with a drop of shampoo. Rinse in warm water, then dry flat on the deck or on the hood of the car. Somewhere warm but not too hot.

  • This Hoodie is knitted to last and last
  • Hand made in Nepal
  • Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Cosy fleece lining
  • Sturdy Zip front
  • Man size pockets
  • Drawstring at Hip
  • Fair Trade Product



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