About Us

Bringing the captivating clothing and crafts of Himalaya to New Zealand

Himalaya – it’s a land of pilgrimage, serenity and beauty. It a magical place where the honesty, open hearts and genuine beauty of the people shine brightly. These communities weave a rich and deep layer of spirituality, generosity and resourcefulness into this exceptional place.
For centuries Himalaya, Nepal in particular, has seen a stunning mix of cultures, textures and styles influence both the traditional and contemporary handcrafts for which the region is renowned.
Using age-old practices handed down from generation to generation, (intertwined with modern designs and techniques), the conservation of these skills honours the heritage, culture and traditions of the region. The growing demands for these items around the world are helping the people reclaim financial independence, dignity and purpose.
Himalaya Design, a small and memorable shop in central Nelson brings the captivating and creative clothing and handcrafts of the region to New Zealand.
Owner Jayashrii, trained in fashion and textile design, could not find the natural fabrics she wanted to create the gorgeous things she was designing. The natural fibres vibrant and diverse fabrics of Himalaya have always inspired her. Add to this, her endearment to the people’s hardworking ethic, strong spiritual life and she was drawn to Nepal with a vision to purchase the local products and find small, family-led factories to produce her women’s clothing designs.
This was back in 2007, and from the day we opened our doors, Himalaya Design has been a destination for with an upmarket bohemian dress sense, the women with a strong sense of style or those who revel in the unique, unusual and principled products.
Our range is ever changing and Jayashrii personally selects all stock on regular visits to Nepal, Thailand and India. View a selection of the current range here.

We care about the people behind the products

Mostly we buy from small businesses like ourselves, who create goods to support themselves and their communities. We pay a fair price for the goods with funds up front to give the groups the ability to access raw materials for the next order.

All of our goods are made using fair labour in happy, healthy working conditions. An increasing number of our suppliers are community projects set up to train marginalised women, so that they can have a good wage and become self-supporting and reliant.

A percentage of our profits are returned to Nepal to support a number of monks, children and families.